Splash you world with colors this Holi with THE CITRINE

for blog low resHoli is Bright and  Bold, it is the festival of Spring and Romance.

The large festival is associated with the triumph of good over evil. This day every year, People greet the turn of winter into spring with a splash of color. Holi is fashionable this year so get that painted look and have fun with an abundance of color. Inject some color into your life and it will brighten your mood,

Clothes are like a second skin. Most likely you feel good when you wear your favorite color.Add colors to your wardrobe with THE CITRINE. Colors can affect your mood, add Black for Power and Mystery or Friendly Orange, Cozy Earthy Brown to Happy Fresh Green , All time Youthful Pink , Royal Purple, Passionate Red or Serene White for Purity. You may also like to add doses of Happy Yellow color.

This Spring Season THE CITRINE brings to you mix of fresh and glowing colors with silhouettes which will make you feel lively and radiant !!

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